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So you entered one of our self queue events and later learned that you placed in one or more classes! Congratulations!! Now, how do you get your ribbons?

You need to tabulate the amount and placements you earned and give the DOGS CALL NAME/CLUB/DATE/SPORT and your name and address

for example :

2/first, 1/fourth : Rover/GLASWC/1/1/19/Scent Work

Jane Doe  11111 deer circle dr. anytown Ca 18392

There are 3 ways for you to get your ribbon, all of which need the above info included.

  1. come to another event of ours and get your ribbons in person. A heads up with the above info would be helpful so we can have it ready for you
  2. bring a self addressed envelope to the trial with postage that can be used to mail your ribbons. I will use your postage and return any postage not used with the ribbons.
  3. This online way of paying for the shipping.

Here is one of 3 ways to get your ribbons from a self queue trial that you attended.


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